The Beach House

The Beach House

Carabao Island


Set on a beautiful quiet beach on the undiscovered and unspoiled Carabao Island in the Visayas, The Beach House is just 30 minutes from Caticlan Airport (using our speedboat)

carabao island – overview

Carabao island is an un-spoilt, secluded mountainous island just 10km long and 6km wide just a 20-minute hop from Boracay island. the beach house is right on the beach near the small fishing port of Lanas, perfectly located to enjoy everything that this wonderful and natural island can offer; beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests, open meadows, terraced paddy fields with a labyrinth of tracks, and paths linking the many traditional small villages where it’s like going back in time hundreds of years. you will see traditional native bamboo houses beautifully decorated with profusions of bougainvillea and farmers plowing their rice fields with carabao and wooden plows.

Beautiful white beaches can be found around the island, some are fine white sand as in Boracay, and others (where there are coral reefs) are fine white granular coral. the sea is crystal clear, warm, and unpolluted, with a wonderful variety of sea life and coral. relaxing on the beaches you will not be bothered by hawkers, see no jet skis or banana boats screaming around, just the passing of colorful traditional banca boats with fisherman landing their catch on the beach and seaweed farmers tending their crops.

Come and explore the natural beauty and uniqueness of an island that is un-spoilt by tourists – explore the island!